Chairman of the Board

Thank you for taking the time to review Mercy Medical Center’s Annual Report. I now have the pleasure of serving as Chairman of Mercy’s Board of Trustees (having been a member of the board since 1995). The Mercy Board of Trustees consists of 34 forward-thinking leaders in our community: business owners, visionary civic volunteers and, of course, the Sisters of Mercy.


In addition to my role at Mercy, I am a local business owner and a community advocate who cares deeply about the economic development of Cedar Rapids and its outlying areas. As such, I am proud that Mercy continues to play a leading role in the revitalization of Cedar Rapids and the development of the downtown medical district, particularly with the construction of the new Hall-Perrine Cancer Center.


Collaborating with our medical provider community also has been a priority. The affiliations formalized during this fiscal year with Cedar Rapids Heart Center, PC,  and Oncology Associates have further strengthened Mercy’s position as an organization committed to providing top-level of quality care with the highest caliber of physician partners. As recruiting continues for specialty-trained oncology surgeons, our community will become a medical destination for world-class cancer care close to home with the best cancer experts.


Healthcare reform and economic unpredictability bring uncertainties. But Mercy’s strong financial position has enabled our re-investment in technology, services and facilities with the result of being nationally recognized for high quality, safe and low-cost healthcare. I look forward to sharing Mercy’s journey with you through this annual report.


            – Kyle Skogman, Chairman of the Board of Trustees