Power of Prevention

National Screenings

Cervical, Breast, and Colon Screenings | {link:https://www.mercyannualreport.com/files/National+Screenings}Download .csv{/link}


Saving lives with screenings and proactive care.

MercyCare clinics outperform national averages for proactive screenings, preventive care and management of chronic conditions, such as diabetes.

The health benefits of enacting an evidenced-based quality program are enormous, even life-saving. For example, two prevalent cancers, colorectal and cervical, are highly preventable with proper screenings. If detected early, there is a 90 percent survival rate for each. MercyCare’s quality program ensures that patients will receive the recommended screenings for these cancers, as well as dozens of other conditions, at every visit.

Learn why colon cancer screenings save lives