Hall Radiation Center

2010 Hall Radiation Treatments

In 2010, 574 new patients were seen at the Hall Radiation Center. A total of 14,212 radiation therapy treatments were administered using Brachytherapy, external beam including linear accelerator and TomoTherapy image-guided radiation therapy (IGRT) and High Dose Rate (HDR) radiation therapy. | {link:https://www.mercyannualreport.com/files/Hall+Radiation+Treatments+Graph}Download .csv{/link}

Accessible and convenient. With dedicated parking next to the building, it’s easy to get in and out fast — and on with your life. Hall Radiation Center is home to advanced technology and expert treatment staff.

Equipped with the latest technology in radiation treatment – TomoTherapy, two linear accelerators, including a state-of-the-art Varian Trilogy accelerator, and High Dose Radiation, Hall Radiation Center allows area residents fighting cancer to stay close to home for treatment, and provides residents in outlying areas throughout the region a destination for the most advanced treatment available.

John Belding, 59, is a 57-year cancer survivor, thanks to a fighting spirit and treatment at Hall Radiation Center. At age 2, John was diagnosed with terminal brain cancer. His mother, Pauline, was told the treatment available then could not save him. Together the Beldings, armed with leading edge cancer treatment from Mercy’s Hall Radiation Center, won the battle against cancer.

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