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Mercy began offering families in the Cedar Rapids area the highest quality cancer care from Day One. The hospital’s shared legacy with the Hall and Perrine families to provide the best possible cancer care in our community began in 1956. That’s the year Mercy became the first treatment center west of the Mississippi to offer Cobalt-Beam Radiation treatment, due to the generosity of Howard Hall.

On Feb. 24, 2011 Mercy announced the new cancer center’s name – the Hall-Perrine Cancer Center in recognition of Howard and Margaret Hall and Beahl and Irene Perrine. They have generously supported Mercy for five decades and collectively bestowed more than $25 million to develop cancer facilities, programs, and services.

A look at Mercy’s long and rich history of cancer care makes it clear Mercy is the cancer care leader in our area.

1900 Mercy Hospital opened and began serving patients

1956 Hall Radiation Center established with the first community hospital-based cobalt unit west of the Mississippi River

Hall Radiation Center History

1950’s American Cancer Society offices established at Mercy

American Caner Society

1973 Expanded Hall Radiation Center

1973 First linear accelerator (4 million volt) and treatment simulator purchased

1975 Mammography system installed

1977 Whole body CT unit installed

1977 100,000th treatment given at the Hall Radiation Center

100,000th Treatment

1979 Martin Wiesenfeld, MD, FACP, was the first medical oncologist hematologist practicing in Cedar Rapids

1980 Sisters of Mercy started Hospice of Mercy

1981 Computerized treatment planning system installed

1983 Oncology Associates formed

1983 6 million volt accelerator installed

1985 Offered research studies with CROP (Cedar Rapids Oncology Project)

1986 Mobile digital mammography on the road

1987 Mercy’s Women’s Center opened

1988 Received a multi-million dollar endowment

1988 Hall Radiation Center expanded and renovated

1988 – 1989 18 million volt linear accelerator installed, new treatment planning computer added

1988 Established a multidisciplinary cancer conference

1988 Mercy’s Eastern Iowa Center for Cancer Detection Treatment and Research formed

1989 Dedicated oncology social worker added

1990 Mercy became an approved American College of Surgeons Commission on Cancer program

1990 Especially For You® After Breast Cancer Support Group established

1991 Mercy developed Community Cancer Support Group

1991 First annual Especially For You race

First Annual Especially for You Race

1992 Us Too Prostate Cancer Education & Support Group established

1994 Kids Count Too developed

1998 Began offering Prostate Seed Implants

1998 21 million volt accelerator installed, entire department computerized, 3D treatment planning capability added, new treatment simulator installed

2001 Coronary brachytherapy for cardiac restenosis instituted and Intensive Modulated Radiation Therapy (IMRT) begins

2002 The second 21 million volt linear accelerator installed

2004 Radiation Oncology of Cedar Rapids began affiliation with Mercy

2005 Purchased TomoTherapy linear accelerator

TomoTherapy Linear Accelerator

2006 Received the Community Spirit of Excellence Award from Modern Healthcare Magazine

2006 Awarded a Lance Armstrong Grant for a breast cancer wellness study

2006 Purchased High Dose Rate (brachytherapy) equipment

2006 Began offering Mammo site for breast cancer patients

2006 Thrive – Mercy’s cancer fitness & wellness program started

2006 Perrine Oncology Neurosurgical Center opened

2007 Board endorsed moving forward with Destination Cancer Center concept

2007 Dennis & Donna Oldorf Hospice House of Mercy opened

2008 da Vinci® robotic surgical unit added

da Vinci Robotic Surgery

2009 Trilogy linear accelerator installed

Trilogy Linear Accelerator

2009 PET/CT scanner added

PET/CT Scanner

2010 Summer – Mercy added dedicated nurse navigator and massage therapist for more comprehensive care

2010 May – New wide bore CT scanner in radiation center

2010 August 18 – Mercy announces Destination Cancer Center and affiliation with Oncology Associates

2010 Fall – Site preparation for Destination Cancer Center

2011 Spring – Construction will begin

2012 Spring – Destination Cancer Center scheduled to open

Mercy Destination Cancer Center

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Your input matters!

In September 2010, Mercy conducted forums with cancer patients and caregivers in an effort to create the best healing environment for future patients at the Hall-Perrine Cancer Center. The forums included patients from the University of Iowa, St. Luke’s Hospital, Mercy Medical Center and other area facilities who have been diagnosed and treated in the past six months to five years. Information gleaned from these forums has been implemented in the look, feel and lay-out of the new building.









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